Clinical services capability framework

The Clinical Service Capability Framework (CSCF) for Public and Licensed Private Health Facilities outlines the minimum support services, staffing, safety standards and other requirements required in both public and private health facilities to ensure safe and appropriately supported clinical services. It serves two major purposes:

  • to provide a standard set of capability requirements for most acute and sub-acute health facility services provided in Queensland by public and private health facilities
  • to provide a consistent language for health care providers and planners to use when describing health services and planning service developments.

The CSCF outlines modules for each service area and defines levels of service provision within each area.

These apply to both public and private health facilities.

All applications for, or reviews of, service delivery capability should reference the requirements in the

Private health facilities companion document

The companion document consists of additional modules that define requirements for more service areas available to private health facilities. These are listed below:

Private Health Regulation Unit

Contact the Private Health Regulation Unit with any queries you may have regarding licensing:

Phone: (07) 3708 5325

Last updated: 5 February 2024