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My Health Record (national electronic health record)

The My Health Record is a secure online summary of an individual’s health information – available to all Australians. The My Health Record is an Australian Government initiative and provides:

  • healthcare providers access to information about consumers including vaccinations; allergies; medical conditions; medications; advance care documents; and test or scan results.
  • consumers with control over what information is in their My Health Record including the ability to permanently delete their My Health Record at any time.

On 21 February 2019 individual My Health Records were created for every Australian, unless they ‘opted out’ of having one created for them.

The national participation rate for the My Health Record is 90.1 per cent, with 91.2 per cent of Queenslanders having a My Health Record.

My Health Record

Consumers can choose:

  • whether they have a My Health Record
  • to cancel (permanently delete) their My Health Record
  • who can access their My Health Record (blocking / codes)
  • to delete or restrict documents from view (code)
  • to be notified when their record has been accessed (text / email)
  • what information is sent to their My Health Record (withdraw consent)
  • to nominate someone to access / manage their record on their behalf.

For all enquiries, please view the My Health Record website or contact the My Health Record helpline 1800 723 471.

The My Health Record helpline 1800 723 471 (available 24/7) should be called if there is a family safety issue due to information in a My Health Record. MyGov can also be contacted on 13 23 07.

The My Health Record system is underpinned by strong legislation and includes penalties for the unauthorised access, use and disclosure of consumer health information. If you would like to provide feedback about Queensland Health’s handling of your My Health Record, please contact your local Queensland Health facility

Queensland Health and the My Health Record system

Queensland Health first connected with the My Health Record system in November 2013 and is continuing work to enhance integration between Queensland Health systems and the My Health Record system.

Queensland Health clinicians can view My Health Records using:

  • The Viewer application (available at all Queensland Health facilities).
  • the  integrated electronic Medical Record -  ieMR.

More content has been progressively added to the My Health Record system, and document uploads vary across facility. To see what is being uploaded from your local facility, use the facility search function below.

A roadmap has been developed  outlining the proposed direction the My Health Record would take within Queensland Health. This document is reviewed and updated annually to ensure the Queensland Health My Health Record Project aligns with any new organisational priorities.

My Health Record project roadmap 2022

My Health Record resources

The My Health Record website has a range of factsheets and guidance available to help you with managing your My Health Record including:

For further information, contact the My Health Record system operator help line on 1800 723 471, or visit the My Health Record website.

Last updated: 4 May 2022

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