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My Health record (national electronic health record)

An Australian Government initiative, the My Health Record system is a secure online summary of an individual’s important health information, including allergies, medical conditions and treatments, prescribed medications and test or scan reports.

More Australians will have a My Health Record in 2019

On 21 February 2019, the Australian Government created a My Health Record for every Australian, unless they chose not to have one. The opt-out period was opened from 16 July 2018 to 31 January 2019 where Australians could elect not have a record created. The national participation rate for the My Health Record is 90.1%

A consumer can choose to permanently delete their My Health Record at any time.

My Health Record timeline
My Health Record timeline. Click to view larger image.

How Queensland Health uses the My Health Record system

Queensland Health first connected with the My Health Record system in November 2013. Clinicians can view a patient’s My Health Record via The Viewer application (available at all Queensland Health facilities) and the integrated electronic Medical Record—ieMR.

Queensland Health hospitals can also send discharge summaries to a patient’s My Health Record if the patient has registered with the national system.

Queensland Health currently sends:

  • discharge summaries—available at all Queensland Health hospitals, except The Prince Charles Hospital
  • finalised pathology results—from all Hospital and Health Services (HHSs), except Torres and Cape
  • authorised diagnostic imaging results—progressively rolling out across Queensland Health facilities during 2018-19.

To better understand how Queensland Health facilities use and share information to the My Health Record system, refer to the National digital health patient journey factsheet (PDF 219 kB).

Details on which facilities are connected to the My Health Record system can be found in the Queensland Health and the My Health Record system fact sheet (PDF 78 kB).

Learn more about My Health Record

The My Health Record system operator (Australian Digital Health Agency) has a range of factsheets and guidance available to assist patients with managing their My Health Record including:

The My Health Record system is underpinned by strong legislation and includes penalties for the unauthorised access, use and disclosure of patient health information. If you would like to provide feedback about Queensland Health’s handling of your My Health Record please contact your local Queensland Health facility.

For further information, including how patients can opt out of the My Health Record or cancel their My Health Record, contact the My Health Record system operator on 1800 723 471, or go to the My Health Record website.

Last updated: 26 July 2019

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