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Expanding healthcare quality and patient safety reporting

Healthcare in Queensland

Queensland has a world-class healthcare system with a strong culture of safety.

Our clinicians are dedicated to providing high quality care to patients across a wide range of service providers throughout Queensland in both the public and private sectors.

Our clinics, hospitals, other health facilities and broader parts of Queensland’s health system focus on ensuring the most efficient, highest quality and most accessible services for patients.

Supporting the delivery of high quality care in Queensland hospitals and health services is the publication of information about the quality of healthcare services and the safety of patients as they interact with our health system.

This public reporting is intended to:

  • provide a meaningful picture for patients;
  • support quality improvements for health service providers; and
  • drive better outcomes at a system level.

Why a discussion paper?

The Queensland Government released a discussion paper to understand the views of the community about the collection, reporting and use of healthcare quality and patient safety information in Queensland.

We wanted to hear from patients, clinicians, health organisations, the media and others about the possible ways that healthcare quality and patient safety reporting may be expanded in Queensland.

The overarching desire was to:

  • further enhance information available to patients;
  • improve transparency for healthcare professionals;
  • support the efforts of the stakeholders funding, reporting on and regulating healthcare services; and
  • continue to drive improvements that maintain Queensland’s leading health system.

The public consultation process for online and written submissions for the Expanding Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Reporting Discussion Paper 2017 closed on Friday 27 October 2017.

What was said?

135 responses were received from individual submissions (patients, clinicians and health administrators) and interested organisations representing nurses, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, public hospitals and private hospitals.

The responses were overwhelmingly supportive of public reporting on safety and quality across public and private hospitals within Queensland. Public reporting was seen to support a safety and quality culture, increased transparency and to drive improvements in performance.

View further information on responses to the Discussion Paper.

What have we done? What has happened?

Queensland Health is preparing policy options to expand information available to the community about public and private health services.

In August 2018, the Honourable Steven Miles MP, Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services (the Minister), publicly announced his intention to launch an interactive website that would enable the public to compare public and private hospitals on a range of information. This proposed website will foster a culture of transparency and will be co-designed with members of the public, clinicians and hospital administrators.

Over the period October 2018 to January 2019, the Department of Health has undertaken consultation with consumers, clinicians, hospital administrators, the Primary Health Networks, Private Insurers and other industry stakeholders. The purpose of this consultation was to seek input into the type of content that would be presented on the proposed website.

Initial consultation with consumers occurred in October and November 2018 to understand what information about hospitals in Queensland they would find useful. In partnership with Health Consumers Queensland, nine Kitchen Table discussions and 12 Focus Groups were held with consumers across the State of Queensland.

During December 2018 and January 2019, the Department of Health concentrated its consultative efforts on Health Professionals; this consultation sought preliminary input on the content for the proposed website. There were 21 Focus Groups held across the State, attended by a broad audience including Clinicians and Hospital Administrators from the public and private sectors, Primary Health Networks, Unions, Private Hospitals Association and Private Insurers. An online submissions process was also offered with over 70 submissions received.

View more information on the outcomes of stakeholder consultation.

What next?

Queensland Health will continue to progress work in this important area. Stakeholder feedback from the consultation processes outlined above will be used to inform policy advice for the government’s consideration in 2019.

For more information email the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Service.

Last updated: 26 July 2019