Propelled by the HEALTHQ32 vision, the Research Strategy 2032 will build upon Queensland Health’s research strengths to address complex challenges and empower the health workforce for the next decade.

Research and innovation are at the heart of a world-class health system and drive the generation of new insights, discoveries and evidence that underpins and delivers better health outcomes, improved health system sustainability and economic growth.

The goals of the Research Strategy 2032 will be achieved by supporting the full research pipeline from ‘ideas into research excellence into implementation’ and building a cohesive and dynamic ecosystem. You can learn more about how Queensland Health is leading the way in research in the one-page summary and action plan.

Planning the horizons for the Research Strategy 2032

Queensland Health has developed the first action plan covering Horizon 1 (2023-25) as the first stage in the implementation of the Research Strategy 2032. This is the first of three action plans to be developed over the life of the Research Strategy.

Horizon 1 (2023-25) - Immediate Impact

Focus on actions that can be delivered quickly and achieve the greatest impact within available resources, while also setting up the foundations of long-term change and new initiatives.

Read the one-page summary and Horizon 1 action plan (PDF 1304 kB).

Horizon 2 (2025-28) - Strengthen and Grow

Review and leverage achievements and lessons from Horizon 1, scaling up successful initiatives, expanding ambitions (in line with available resources) and continuing commitments to long-term actions.

Horizon 3 (2028-32) - Sustaining Change

Focus on actions that secure and embed progress toward a transformed research and innovation organisational ecosystem, and complete delivery of the most complex commitments from Horizons 1 and 2.

Focus areas and objectives

Focus Area 1:
Foster innovative ideas

  • Research is promoted as a valuable part of the health system with research achievements acknowledged, celebrated and disseminated.
  • Research and innovation are supported by mixed streams of funding from a range of external sources of investment.
  • Pipelines of career opportunities are available to researchers in Queensland Health.
  • Patients, consumers and the broader community influence research priorities and are empowered to participate in research.

Outcome: Queensland Health’s environment and culture promote innovative thinking and value research.

Focus Area 2:
Turn ideas into research excellence

  • Partnerships with academia, industry and others provide high quality research informed by health needs.
  • Approval processes are quick and easy to navigate for researchers and patients and ensure studies are safe and ethical.
  • Tailored education, training and advice upskill staff for designing and undertaking Research and Development in the health system.
  • Health system infrastructure and technology absorb translational research seamlessly.

Outcome: Queensland Health’s processes and systems encourage and enable high quality research in the health system.

Focus Area 3:
Translate research into better healthcare

  • Research outcomes are routinely scaled-up and adopted across the health system to improve frontline healthcare delivery.
  • Queensland is an international clinical trials hub giving patients access to cutting-edge treatment options close to home.
  • The wealth of discoveries is captured to realise health and economic potential.

Outcome: Queensland Health collaborates with diverse stakeholders to drive research discoveries quickly and safely into practice.


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Last updated: 9 April 2024