HEALTHQ32: A vision for Queensland's health system

HEALTHQ32: A vision for Queensland's health system

As Queensland continues to grow and advance, we want our health system to be equitable and accessible for everyone, no matter where you live, and sustainable into the future.

The past few years have presented opportunities to reinvent, innovate and create. Queensland Health is well positioned to leverage these opportunities to partner across the health sector to deliver high-quality and safe healthcare, and to support our workforce, well into the future.

Over the next decade, key system priorities will enable the delivery of better care in the hospital when it's needed and more care options delivered in the community, closer to home. This will ultimately refocus our system to maximise wellbeing and quality of life for all.

From a good start to life right through to the joys of healthy ageing and a comfortable end of life experience, Queensland Health is committed to partnering across the health system to deliver a healthier system for a healthier Queensland.

  • Our vision

    Our high-level vision highlights our opportunities and direction towards a healthier Queensland in 2032.

  • What this means for you

    An easy-to-read summary of what HEALTHQ32 means for you.

  • Our strategies

    Seven health system priorities underpin HEALTHQ32, each with a 10-year strategy for delivery.

Last updated: 3 May 2023