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Department of Health strategic plan

The Department of Health Strategic Plan 2019–2023 (PDF 954kB) is a core planning document for the department.

It outlines the department's strategies for supporting the health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders.

Our vision

Healthier Queenslanders.

Our purpose

To provide leadership and direction, and to work collaboratively to enable the health system to deliver quality services that are safe and responsive for Queenslanders.

Our responsibilities

The Department of Health's role include:

  • providing strategic leadership and direction for health through development and administration of policies and legislation
  • developing statewide plans for health services, workforce and major capital investment
  • managing major capital works for public sector health service facilities
  • purchasing health services
  • supporting and monitoring the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and timeliness of health service delivery
  • delivering a range of specialised health services, including prevention, promotion and protection, providing ambulance, aeromedical, health information and communication technology and statewide health support services.

Hospital and Health Services are independent statutory agencies responsible for their own strategic plans.

Our strategic objectives

  1. promote and protect the health of Queenslanders where they live, work and play
  2. drive the safest and highest quality services possible
  3. improve access to health services for disadvantaged Queenslanders
  4. pursue partnerships with consumers, communities, health and other organisations to help achieve our goals
  5. empower consumers and health professionals through the availability and use of data and digital innovations
  6. set the agenda through integrated policy, planning, funding and implementation efforts
  7. lead a workforce which is excellent and has a vibrant culture and workplace environment

Previous strategic plans

Last updated: 30 June 2020