The Queensland Government is driving reform through a Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032 and Investment Plan.

We heard from thousands of Queenslanders to inform the Strategy and Investment Plan. What we heard through extensive consultation is summarised in a Consultation Outcomes Report.

Queensland Health thanks the Queenslanders who shared their unique experiences and suggestions on how to improve the health of women and girls.

Download the Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032

Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032  (PDF 8522 kB)


We know that Australian women experience different health outcomes than Australian men and are not achieving their full health potential. For example, while women have a higher life expectancy than men, they are likely to experience more years living with chronic conditions and multiple comorbidities. Women also make up a higher proportion of potentially preventable hospital admissions.

A wide range of factors influence these health outcomes and there are opportunities for change that can address the barriers and challenges that affect the health of women and girls across their life course.

We also know that the barriers and challenges women and girls face may be amplified for priority communities. Priority communities in our Strategy refers to women and girls of all ages with diverse backgrounds and experiences who may face additional barriers to accessing health care. This includes:

  • First Nations women and girls
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women and girls
  • Women and girls with disability
  • Members of LGBTIQ+ communities
  • Women and girls living in rural and remote areas
  • Women and girls in contact with the justice system, including women in custody.

The Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032

The new Strategy aims to address health inequity and improve access to health care for women and girls living in Queensland.

The Strategy is the overarching framework that will drive Queensland reforms to benefit women and girls’ health. It sets out our aim, principles, system reform goals and priority health action areas to focus on through to 2032.

The Strategy outlines the following 6 priority health action areas

  • Healthy lifestyles and bodies icon

    Healthy lifestyles and bodies

  • Sexual and reproductive health icon

    Sexual and reproductive health

  • Mental health and wellbeing icon

    Mental health and wellbeing

  • Health response to domestic and family violence icon

    Health response to domestic and family violence, and sexual violence

  • Maternal health icon

    Maternal health

  • Chronic health conditions and cancer icon

    Chronic health conditions and cancer

Investment Plan

The Investment Plan sets out the Queensland Government’s funding commitment to improve women and girls’ health. It outlines how new investment will be used to fund new initiatives, as well as existing initiatives already underway in Queensland.

The Strategy and its plans, including the Investment Plan and Termination of Pregnancy Action Plan, are informed by extensive statewide consultation.


Consultation and engagement are vital to deliver better health and wellbeing for all Queensland women and girls, particularly for priority communities.

Queensland Health consulted widely to inform the Strategy and Investment Plan. Our consultation included targeted consultation sessions with women and girls, engagement with key stakeholders, a commissioned evidence review, online surveys, and more.

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Last updated: 4 March 2024