Queensland Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement of Commitment

As one of Queensland’s largest employers, Queensland Health has a unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to equity, diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and in the wider community.

Equity, diversity and inclusion allows us to reflect the communities we serve, and to achieve the vision to be a dynamic and responsive heath system where our workforce is valued and empowered to provide world-class healthcare to all Queenslanders.

Queensland Health commits to equity, diversity and inclusion strategies and initiatives that create respect and fairness for everyone while increasing employment and improving the experience of employees in underrepresented groups.

This commitment is underpinned by the Queensland public sector Inclusion and diversity strategy 2021-2025, which aims to embed inclusion and diversity across the public sector.

We will demonstrate the commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion through:

  • Reflecting the communities we serve: creating workforces with representation from all diversity groups.
  • Working together: understanding the role we all play in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces and making inclusion part of everything we do.
  • Diversity at all levels: driving greater diversity at all levels of the organisation—including in leadership and executive roles—and ensuring equal access to opportunities.
  • Valuing our people: creating workplaces where the diversity of employees and their perspectives enhance organisational performance and innovation.
  • Fair and inclusive practices: implementing policies, procedures and practices that are inclusive for all employees and promote accessibility.
  • Greater inclusion: embedding inclusive behaviours to create safe, respectful and inclusive workplaces.
  • Visible leaders: growing inclusive leadership—at all levels—with leaders who lead by example, positively influence workplace culture, and address processes and behaviours that are not inclusive.
  • Accountability: senior leaders actively involved in, and responsible for, the delivery and success of diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Capability development: providing employees with information, training and development opportunities to create a culture of inclusion, respect and innovation.

Equity and Diversity Plan 2023-2024

The Queensland Health equity and diversity plan (PDF 167 kB) (the Plan) supports the aim of the Public Sector Act 2022 to develop a diverse workforce that represents and reflects the diverse views, experiences and backgrounds of the people of Queensland.

The opportunities and actions will ensure Queensland Health continues to prioritise work to achieve the diversity employment targets for women in leadership, Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culturally and linguistically diverse people and people with disability. Actions will also be developed to enable more equitable access to opportunities for other diversity groups.

Diversity targets

Queensland Health has established targets for diverse workforce groups aligned with foundational targets established by the Public Service Commission for the Queensland Public Service.

Targets have been developed across diversity groups for each hospital and health service, the Department of Health and Queensland Ambulance Service. These areas were identified by the Queensland Public Service as the areas in need of most critical attention.

Last updated: 2 August 2023