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Real life stories
  • Jonathan, Dental assistant
  • Jonathan Lilley

  • Dental assistant
  • "The traineeship course gave me a recognised qualification and has helped me get my 'foot in the door' to a career in Oral Health. The team I work with here are so supportive and you really get a sense that you're doing good things in the community".

  • Shelton, Prosthetist
  • Shelton Hayes

  • Prosthetist
  • "Providing someone with a new set of teeth is not just about enhancing appearances. You can make someone look instantly younger, but what's more rewarding is to see how someone's self-confidence and outlook on life can be dramatically improved with a new smile".

  • Naushad, Dentist
  • Dr Naushad Rizwan

  • Dentist
  • "I truly believe that the mouth is the door way to good health. Dentistry is a career with terrific opportunities for travel, life experience and career development, but the most rewarding thing for me is seeing the happy smiles of the patients".

  • Kim, Dental technician
  • Kim Ersser

  • Dental technician
  • "Dental technology is a career in which you can really make a difference to someone's health, self esteem, and social prospects. Being a technical trade, there is also a lot of opportunity for creativity in craftsmanship, and the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies".

  • Dr Anel Blignaut, Dentist
  • Dr Anel Blignaut

  • Dentist
  • "Upon my commencement I was welcomed into a team of Oral Health Professionals and received tremendous support and guidance from my peers and colleagues".

  • Demetrio (Jim) Brunello, visiting prosthodontist
  • Demetrio (Jim) Brunello

  • Visiting prosthodontist
  • "I enjoy my time at the Brisbane Dental Hospital, as I feel that with the help of my colleagues I often contribute positively to the well being of our clients".