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Creating a HPP account

Signing into the HPP

Searching for your patient in HPP

Viewing patient healthcare information in HPP

Navigating The Viewer in HPP

The ACP Tracker in The Viewer via HPP

Frequently asked questions

What benefits will *Health Practitioner (HP) access to the Health Provider Portal (HPP) provide?

When will Queensland HPs have access to the HPP?

How will Queensland Health ensure a HPs' appropriate use of the HPP?

Can only Queensland HPs register to access patient healthcare information available through the HPP?

What if I have dual AHPRA registrations, and one of my professions is not a Prescribed Health Practitioner?

What if a Queensland HP is not able to view their patient’s healthcare information through the HPP?

Will a patient’s healthcare information still be visible to Queensland Health clinicians if the patient opts out?

Are there auditing processes in place for HPs in accessing and sharing information inappropriately?

Does opt-out mean that the patient has withdrawn consent for any information to be sent to their HP?

Will it only be Queensland HPs able to access the HPP?

What would happen if a HP became deregistered? Would his/her access to the HPP be revoked?

Will Queensland HPs be able to access the HPP from a mobile device?

Will all patient records be available in the HPP?

How do HPs who don’t have 100 points of digital documentation register to access the HPP?

Can HPs working in northern NSW able to register to access the HPP?

*Eligible Health Practitioners can include;

Last updated: 17 May 2023