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Information Eligible Health Practitioners can access

Your Health Practitioners will be able to access information including:

  • blood test results
  • medical imaging results
  • details of medications you received and have been prescribed
  • details of your diagnoses.

Information available to Eligible Health Practitioners

Patient details Demographics including contact information e.g. personal and regular GP
A problem list outlining - emergency, inpatient, oncology and mental health diagnoses
Mental Health Act Records
Private Health Insurance details
Occasions of care Inpatient admissions including summary of patient discharge information 
Emergency presentations including clinical notes
Oncology cases including care plan
Mental Health cases and referrals including clinical notes
Outpatient Specialist Outpatient Referrals and Appointments
Medications Medication profiles including recommendations and Community Pharmacy details
Anticoagulant Therapy
Rheumatic Heart Disease Register information
Adverse Reactions and Alerts Adverse reactions - harmful or undesirable responses to an agent e.g. allergic reaction, intolerance and sensitivity
Alerts - Includes Mental Health, Aggressive Behavior and Medications
Advance Care Planning/Acute Resuscitation Plan
Alerts - information that may need consideration when delivering care
Pathology Pathology Queensland reports and orders
QH ordered medical imaging Radiology reports
Clinical echocardiogram reports e.g. sonogram of the heart
Procedures Operation notes
Clinical cardiology reports e.g coronary artery bypass, including Telehealth
Clinical endoscopy reports e.g. colonoscopy
Anaesthesia reports
Elective Surgery Waitlist information (ESWL)
Document uploads
Care Plans Ambulance Management Plan
Acute Management Plans
Advance Health Directive
Police and Ambulance Intervention Plan
Enduring Power of Attorney
Manual document uploads
Event Summaries Oncology documents
PaceArt reports
Specialist Outpatient letters including discharge summaries, referrals and Correspondence
Manual document uploads
Additional documentation Various documents that assist health professionals care for patients e.g. Statement of Choices form outlines patient wishes and can be used to guide medical decisions
Last updated: 30 May 2017