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Information brochure (PDF 515 kB)

Frequently asked questions

What benefits will General Practitioner (GP) access to the Health Provider Portal (HPP) provide?

How can a patient ‘opt-out’ from having their health information available to Queensland GPs using the HPP?

What type of information will be available to Queensland GPs through the HPP?

How will Queensland Health ensure a GPs' appropriate use of the HPP?

How will Queensland Health inform patients that their healthcare information is available to be viewed securely online by their treating Queensland GPs?

What is the process for a patient to allow their treating GP to access their healthcare information through the HPP having previously opted out?

Will a patient’s healthcare information still be visible to Queensland Health clinicians if the patient opts out?

Will patient mental health information be displayed in the HPP?

What if a patient does not have the capacity to opt-out?

Are there auditing processes in place for GP in accessing and sharing information inappropriately?

Does opt-out mean that the patient has withdrawn consent for any information to be sent to their GP?

Last updated: 18 September 2017