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Identify a clinical problem

Before translating any research or evidence into practice, it is important to understand why you are undertaking a TRIP project. Identifying a clinical problem or evidence practice gap is Step 1 of the TRIP process.

Practice gap

Webinar 1: Problems in practice: Identifying an evidence practice gap?

Download the transcript (PDF 191 kB)

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Gone wrong

Webinar 3: Case study – Implementation gone wrong… Dr Adrienne Young

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Other resources

5 Whys: Finding the Root Cause

More on the fishbone diagram and 5 Whys (you will need to login to see this resource)

Evidence Based Practice and Identifying a Clinical Problem an example from the Mater Dr Shelley Wilkinson

Download the PowerPoint slides (PDF 521 kB)

Worksheet: EBP Barriers and Enablers (PDF 333 kB)

Watch the video [25:05] >

Champion Guide - Identify a Problem

This manual will provide a guide of how you can facilitate AH-TRIP training to use the AH-TRIP webinars and training materials. This guide will provide you with discussion points, prompts and concepts for you to consider and pose to your department or team to enhance learning opportunities. Read More >   (PDF 501 kB)

Last updated: 1 May 2019