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Evidence to support change

Understanding the levels of evidence and how to appraise the strength and quality of evidence in a timely way is crucial. These resources may assist with structuring your search and evaluating the quality of the available evidence. Always speak to your librarian or an experienced research colleague if you need more help with this step!

Rapid review

Webinar 1: Rapid review, how to find the best available evidence (An Introduction)

Download the transcript (PDF 353 kB)

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Chris Parker

Webinar 3: Accessing information from the academic literature Mr Chris Parker, The Prince Charles Hospital Library

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Access to Publications

The following links can be used to find open access research databases and repositories of research articles

Other resources

Champion Guide - Evidence to support a change

This manual will provide a guide of how you can facilitate AH-TRIP training to use the AH-TRIP webinars and training materials. This guide will provide you with discussion points, prompts and concepts for you to consider and pose to your department or team to enhance learning opportunities. Read More >  (PDF 366 kB)

Last updated: 18 June 2020