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Order, store and manage vaccines

Order vaccines

Registered vaccine service providers can order vaccines associated with the National Immunisation Program by:

Store vaccines

Vaccines are delicate biological substances and must be stored between +2 degrees Celsius and +8 degrees Celsius. Vaccines exposed to temperatures outside this range may have to be considered ineffective and discarded. It is vital that vaccines are stored appropriately in order to:

  • ensure patients receive an effective vaccine
  • ensure efficient management of resources (vaccines are an expensive resource that can be in limited supply)
  • avoid patients needing revaccination after having been given an ineffective vaccine.

Transfer or discard a vaccine

If you need to transfer or discard a vaccine after consulting with QHIP, please complete the vaccine discard/transfer form (PDF, 74 KB)

Clinical guidelines

To ensure safe management and storage of vaccines, all vaccine service providers should be familiar with the following guidelines:

Last updated: 10 October 2017