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Immunisation records

In Queensland, immunisation records can be found on:

  • AIR (Australian Immunisation Register) which is administered by Medicare Australia and records all vaccinations for adults, adolescents and children in Australia.
  • VIVAS (Vaccination Information and Vaccination Administration System) which is administered by Queensland Health and is used to record vaccinations that are given in Queensland. VIVAS is also used to monitor the distribution and use of vaccines in Queensland.
  • HPV Vaccination Program Register (the HPV Register) which holds immunisation data on HPV vaccinations.

A guide for immunisation providers

The resource – Immunisation records and data explained: a guide for immunisation providers (PDF, 2.9MB) has been developed by Queensland Health to help immunisation providers understand the complexities of recording and managing immunisation data.

It can be used for:

  • training new staff or updating current staff
  • answering questions about the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and VIVAS
  • troubleshooting immunisation recording issues

Where to find immunisation records

More detailed information is available in the guide, however sources of information are:

  • Child personal health record
  • Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
    • immunisation providers can obtain immunisation histories through AIR’s secure website
    • parents and individuals can obtain immunisation history statements through myGov and link to Medicare
  • Public health unit (only available for immunisation providers)
  • HPV Vaccination Program Register (for HPV vaccination histories)
  • School immunisation providers (if parents know which organisation provided the school immunisation program at their child’s school they may be able to request information from the provider)

Immunisation history statements for childcare

Under the Public Health Act 2005, recognised immunisation providers can give parents a letter which is recognised as an immunisation history statement by early childhood education and care (ECEC) services.

The letter will need to clearly indicate whether the child’s immunisation status is up-to-date or not up-to-date.

Use the immunisation status letter template (DOC, 31KB) when preparing an immunisation history statement for parents/guardians to give to their ECEC service.

Consistent with the Australian Immunisation Handbook guidelines, children are considered to have an up-to-date immunisation status if they:

More information

Last updated: 13 April 2017

Finding immunisation records

Visit Health and wellbeing for information on where to find immunisation records for children and adults.