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Summary of changes to the LAM

The tables below show a summary of changes to the list of approved medicines (LAM) since it was last published. The LAM is published bimonthly or more frequently if required.


Item Effective date
Anidulafungin injection 100mg 1-Jun-2018
Bleomycin sulfate injection 15,000 units1-Jun-2018
Fondaparinux sodium injection, prefilled syring 2.5mg in 0.5mL 1-Jun-2018
Ibrutinib capsule 140mg 1-Jun-2018
Nicotine lozenge 4mg 1-Jun-2018
Nusinersen injection 12mg in 5mL 1-Jun-2018
Pembrolizumab injection 200mg (maximum amount) 1-May-2018
Thiamine hydrochloride injection 300mg in 3mL1-Jun-2018
Tranexamic acid injection 100mg per mL, 5mL1-Jun-2018


Item Effective date
Argatroban injection 250mg in 2.5mL 1-Jun-2018
Bivalirudin injection 250mg 1-Jun-2018
Caspofungin injection 70mg 1-Jun-2018
Charcoal activated suspension 50g in 250mL; 50g with sorbitol 70%, 250mL 1-Jun-2018
Clotrimazole vaginal tablet 100mg; vaginal cream 35g; lotion 1%, 20mL 1-Jun-2018
Danaparoid sodium injection 750 Anti-Xa units in 0.6mL 1-Jun-2018
Dutasteride with tamsulosin capsule 500microgram - 400microgram 1-Jun-2018
Esomeprazole tablet 20mg (pack of 7 only)1-Jun-2018
Interferon alfa-2b injection solution single dose vial 10 million IU in 1mL;
25 million IU in 3mL
Labetalol injection 100mg in 20mL1-Jun-2018
Miconazole cream 2% 25g; 2% 30g1-Jun-2018
Nystatin vaginal cream with applicator 100,000 units per 5g, 75g1-Jun-2018
Omeprazole capsule 20mg; tablet (omeprazole magnesium) 10mg, 20mg; Omeprazole "QH-CP" suspension 2mg per mL, 100mL1-Jun-2018
Pantoprazole tablet 20mg, 40mg1-Jun-2018
Promethazine hydrochloride injection 25mg in 1mL, 50mg in 2mL1-Jun-2018
Rivaroxaban tablet 15mg, 20mg1-Jun-2018
Testosterone enantate injection (oily) 250mg in 1mL1-Jun-2018
Tranexamic acid injection 100mg per mL, 10mL1-Jun-2018


Item Effective date
Caspofungin injection 50mg 1-Jun-2018
Charcoal activated suspension 50g in 500mL bottle 1-Jun-2018
Colestipol hydrochloride beads, sachet 5g1-Jun-2018
Conjugated estogens (oestrogens, conjugated) and medroxyprogesterone acetate tablet 625microgram - 2.5mg;
625microgram - 5mg
Didanosine capsule 250mg, 400mg1-Jun-2018
Econazole nitrate vaginal pessary 150mg1-Jun-2018
Interferon alfa-2b injection solution single dose vial 18 million IU in 3mL; 25 million IU in 2.5mL1-Jun-2018
Interferon alfa-2b injection solution multi-dose injection pen 18 million IU in 1.2mL; 30 million IU in 1.2mL; 60 million IU in 1.2mL1-Jun-2018
Lamivudine oral liquid 5mg per mL, 240mL1-Jun-2018
Levobupivacaine epidural or regional infusion 62.5mg in 100mL (0.0625%); 125mg in 200mL (0.0625%); 125mg in 100mL (0.125%)1-Jun-2018
Stavudine capsule 30mg; 40mg1-Jun-2018
Sulfadoxine - Pyrimethamine injection 500mg - 25mg in 2.5mL; tablet 500mg - 25mg1-Jun-2018
Testosterone propionate ointment (in paraffin base) 0.43% 50g; 0.86% 50g1-Jun-2018
Last updated: 1 June 2018