Changes to mandatory QScript look-up requirements

From 1 July 2024, amendments to the Medicines and Poisons (Medicines) Regulation 2021 will come into effect which will impact mandatory QScript look-up requirements. For more information, please view the Changes to QScript look-up and Monitored Medicines Standard requirements (PDF 169 kB) fact sheet.

QScript provides real-time monitored medicines prescription information for prescribers and pharmacists to support safer clinical decision-making.

Technical support

Technical help is available on the QScript Help page and in the QScript troubleshooting guide (PDF 293 kB).

For technical enquiries, contact the QScript Technical Support Team:

For regulatory and non-technical help, contact the Monitored Medicines Unit at MMU@health.qld.gov.au

Unable to use QScript

If you are a relevant practitioner and are unable to check QScript (e.g. internet issues):

  • make a clinical judgement about appropriate treatment based on the information available to you
  • document that you were unable to access QScript
  • document the reason why.

The decision on whether to prescribe or supply a monitored medicine for a patient remains with you (as the relevant practitioner) at all times, regardless of whether you have been able to access QScript.

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Last updated: 7 May 2024