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Infection prevention and control guidance (including PPE advice)

This page links Queensland clinicians to the latest COVID-19 PPE and infection control information.

Infection risk is monitored on a continuous basis and any changes that may be required to the risk determination is communicated through via official correspondence and posted on this website.

Latest updates


  • Emergency Departments
  • Inpatient units where known COVID-19 patients are accommodated
Level of risk:
Date effective from:
27 May 2022

All other areas in Hospital and Health Services and LGAs in Queensland

Level of risk:
Date effective from:
27 May 2022

Overarching Queensland Health guidance

  • Infection prevention and control guidelines for the management of COVID-19 in healthcare settings (UPDATED 22/06/2022) (PDF 1300 kB) (Source: Queensland Health)
    • Major review conducted with aim of future-proofing Guidelines, with careful consideration of the existing suite of QH PPE Guidance, duplication removed, all links checked and updated. Current evidence, other State jurisdiction documents, CDNA SoNG, ICEG guidelines and complementary guidance reviewed. Restructured sections in line with Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare 2019 – Standard Precaution detailed, followed by Transmission Based Precautions. ** CHANGE OF TERM ** – “P2/N95 Respirator” has been replace throughout with the term “Particulate filter respirator”/”PFR” to be consistent with ICEG Guidance, with the exception of the term “P2/N95 Respirator” existing in another document referred to, or where a “P2” or “N95” respirator is specifically detailed. See Version Summary at front of document for further details on other extensive changes, which are all highlighted in yellow.
  • Managing healthcare workers exposed to or with COVID-19 (UPDATED 5/05/2022) (PDF 294 kB)
    This document outlines the procedure to be followed by authorised senior managers of Queensland Health and Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) when determining work permissions and restrictions for healthcare workers who are either exposed to or have tested positive to COVID-19.
  • Recommended approach to assessing close contact exposures to COVID-19 in the hospital setting (PDF 178 kB)
    Healthcare workers remain at increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 through their work, despite mitigations such as vaccination, environmental controls, PPE, and early identification of / appropriate transmission-based precautions for patients with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 infection. Infection control teams need to assess the risk of COVID exposures in hospital and manage accordingly in a consistent manner. This document facilitates a consistent approach between facilities and supports Infection Control Practitioners in their role.
  • Management of COVID-19 outbreaks in hospital setting guideline (PDF 531 kB) (Source: Queensland Health)
    This document provides interim guidance on the public health management of an outbreak of COVID-19 in a Queensland Health hospital setting.

PPE escalation guidance

Respiratory protective equipment

Safe use of PPE


First Nations culturally appropriate posters


Correct order of putting on and removing PPE

Other PPE guidance

National and international resources

Infection control guidance

Information for consumers, including current advice on the number of confirmed cases in Queensland, can be found at COVID-19 coronavirus information for Queenslanders.

Last updated: 24 June 2022