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Nursing Education FAQ

Question: Are there any palliative care education resources specifically for generalist rural nurses (i.e. who work in facilities very remote from specialist palliative care teams)?
Answer: There is little education designed specifically for generalist rural nurses, but here are some relevant resources:

CPCRE: the Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education has developed an online Specialist Palliative Care Education Module for Registered Nurses. That module, now titled 'Palliative Care Nursing in Various Contexts', is available as a Continuing Professional Education offering of Queensland University of Technology.

CPCRE also has an online self-directed learning package for syringe driver management in palliative care.

CareSearch lists a variety of palliative care education.

PEPA - Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach.

PEPA Victoria and Palliative Care Victoria have podcasts on their webpage. See 'Latest Podcasts' on the home page, and the 'more podcasts' link at the bottom of that section.

Last updated: 5 July 2017