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Optional Clinical Placement (Cunningham Centre Immunisation Course)

Following completion of the Cunningham Centre Immunisation Course, students may wish to complete additional clinical placement hours and undertake a clinical skills assessment to deepen and embed their learning. This is only available for students who reside in Queensland.

The hours of placement are dependent on individual learning needs and at the discretion of the Cunningham Centre nurse educators in consultation with the approved clinical supervisor. Optional clinical placement is secured on a priority basis. Interest in completing an optional clinical placement is identified when applying for the Cunningham Centre Immunisation Course to enable follow up during the course and completion of an application.

Clinical placement coordination is a lengthy process to secure and involves the completion of documentation by the participant and the health service facility undertaking the clinical placement. Relevant documents and evidence of mandatory vaccinations and if required, COVID-19 vaccination, are required before placement. Travel to attend clinical placement is at the student's own expense.

Clinical placement is facilitated within or external to a student’s own workplace.

Last updated: 2 December 2021