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Fees and payments

  Our pricing model

The Cunningham Centre operates on a three tier pricing model. As we are proud to be a Queensland Health registered training organisation (RTO), we offer special pricing for clients from Queensland Health, which includes any division that sits under the Queensland Health organisational structure. Our pricing tiers are:

  • Tier 1 - Payment by Queensland Health work units
  • Tier 2 - Payment by self-funded Queensland Health employees
    (Under certain circumstances GST needs to be applied for Queensland Health employees when they are paying their own fees)
  • Tier 3 - Payment by external participant or private organisation.

Details on fees, what they include and any additional resources required for each activity can be found on the individual activity pages.

The GST component if either 'applicable' or 'not applicable' will be indicated on the individual activity page and also on the payment form.

You will be assigned a tier and advised of any fees applicable during the enrolment process.

Fees must be paid in full prior to attending the activity. Please note, we are unable to offer 'time to pay' options.

  Payment information

Fees paid by Queensland Health work unit | Tier 1
If you work for Queensland Health, and your work unit is paying your fees, you will need to complete a Tier 1 payment form. The form will need to include all necessary details required to facilitate a journal transfer, and must be signed by an authorised financial delegate. Once this form has been received by us, you will be granted entry into the activity. Please note that the fees must be cleared before we can issue any certification.

Fees paid by self-funded students | Tiers 2 + 3
If you are paying for your fees, you will be given the opportunity during the enrolment process to authorise for an invoice to be sent to you. You will be able to pay for your activity on receipt of this invoice by credit card or BPAY. Please pay as soon as you receive the invoice, as your position in the activity is not confirmed until payment is cleared.

Fees paid by external organisation | Tier 3
If you do not work for Queensland Health, and your fees are being paid by your organisation, you will need to complete a Tier 3 payment form. This form must be completed and signed by an authorised financial delegate within your organisation. You will not be able to commence the activity until the funds have been cleared.

Combination payments
If you are paying for your fees through a combination of sources, our team will contact you to make sure you get the correct paperwork to facilitate payment.

Please review our enrolment guideline before proceeding with enrolment.

  Other fees

We are unable to grant refunds after an activity or course has commenced. Where a refund is granted prior to an activity commencement, administration fees apply (see refund guideline).

Replacement award
You can request an electronic copy of your award at no cost. Please contact your Course Facilitator.

If you would like a hard copy re-issued to you, or you would like the award re-issued in a different name, a fee of $75.00 (inc. GST and postage) will apply. Please see the academic guidelines and forms page to access the form.

Re-enrolling in an activity after a withdrawal
If you withdraw from an activity prior to completion and wish to recommence your study at a later date, pro-rata re-enrolment fees will apply. These fees will take into account what effort is required by the Cunningham Centre to work with you to successfully complete your course of study.

If the activity is a workshop and you wish to attend another similar workshop you will be charged full fees unless otherwise approved by the Facilitator.

Costs associated with repeat activities or reissue of course materials
Particular aspects of some courses are expensive (e.g. workplace-based assessment, clinical placement which requires a payment, expensive resources). Your course fees will cover one attempt at those activities or one copy of those resources.

If you have to undertake that activity again because you did not successfully complete it the first time, you will be required to cover any additional costs associated with completing that activity again prior to it being undertaken. If you choose not to pay the additional costs, you will be issued results based on the evidence from the first attempt at this activity.

Similarly, if you request resources to be reissued because you have lost them, you will be required to cover the costs of reissue, including postage and labour time.

Specific details relating to costs associated with the course you’re enrolled in will be available in the course materials.

  Submit your payment form

Completed payment forms can be submitted via email as below:

Activity Submission email
Advanced Supervision Training
Advanced X-ray Operator Training and Assessment Workshop
Allied Health Assistant Forums
AS/NZS 4187 Essentials of Sterilising Workshop
Certificate III in Sterilisation Services (HLT37015)
Cunningham Centre Immunisation Course
Introductory X-ray Operator Course
Optional Clinical Placement (Cunningham Centre Immunisation Course)
Rural and Isolated Practice (Scheduled Medicines) Registered Nurse course
Supervisee Online Training
Supervisee Workshop (Face to face)
Supervisee Workshop (Videoconference)
Supervisor Online Training
Supervisor Workshop (Face to face)
Supervisor Workshop (Videoconference)
X-ray Operator Training and Assessment Workshop (Training and Assessment)
X-ray Operator Training and Assessment Workshop (Training only)
X-ray Operator Videoconference Assessment
Last updated: 17 June 2022