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Foodborne illness (suspected)

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Food-borne illness can be caused by a variety of different bacteria, by the toxins they produce, fungus or virus. These have different incubation periods (the time between eating the food and the appearance of the symptoms) and cause different symptoms. Food-borne illness is not always caused by the last meal eaten by a person and food contaminated with food poisoning bacteria will not necessarily look, taste or smell bad.

Public health management guidelines

    Read Queensland Health Suspected Foodborne Illness Outbreak Management Guideline (PDF, 666KB)


      Attending medical practitioners/medical superintendents (or delegates)

      To notify two or more associated cases of gastroenteritis, or where gastroenteritis is diagnosed in a food handler.

      Notification resources

      Enhanced surveillance for public health units

      Resources for health professionals

      Epidemiological data and reports

      Last updated: 5 June 2023

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