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Contact Details, Queensland Haemophilia Centre

  Lady Cilento Children's Hospital Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital
Haemophilia Centre Haemotology Administration Officer
Jennifer Donelly
07 3068 2389
07 3646 5727
Haemophilia Nurse Joanna McCosker
0438 792 063
Beryl Zeissink and Alex Connolly
07 3646 5727 or 07 3646 8111
Pager 59016
Medical Consultant Dr Simon Brown
LCCH Switch 07 3068 1111
Dr John Rowell
07 3646 8067
Physiotherapist Wendy Poulsen
Physio Dept
Reception & Bookings
07 3068 2850
Scott Russell
07 3646 8135
Social Worker / Psychologist Dr Moana Harlen
07 3068 4180
Loretta Riley and Mona Chong
07 3646 8769
After Hours LCCH Switchboard
07 3068 111
Ask for on call Haematologist
Page Haematologist
07 3646 8111

If RBWH staff members are not available by phone you can call the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital on 07 3646 8111 and ask for the staff member to be paged.

If LCCH staff are not available by phone you can call the Haematology Resident Medical Officer on DECT phone 07 3068 4562 during business hours only.

Haemophilia Clinics

Please contact the LCCH Haematology Administration Officer or the RBWH nursing staff for appointment queries.

If you have not been seen on a regular basis by the Queensland Haemophilia Centre or are a “new” patient, please obtain a referral to the Centre from your previous centre or General Practitioner.

Child and Adolescent

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, 2e Outpatients - Level 2

Dr Simon Brown and the Haematology Fellow
Thursday weekly, except every third Thursday - 1.30pm

General Haemophilia, Carrier and Genetic

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Level 4, Joyce Tweddell Building

Dr John Rowell
Wednesday weekly - 2.00pm
New cases
Thursday weekly - 8.00am

Haemophilia / Orthopaedic

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
Orthopaedic Clinic 7th Floor, Ned Hanlon Building

Dr John Rowell and Dr Brett Halliday
Wednesday, every 4 weeks - 9.00am

Regional Clinics

All members of the multidisciplinary teams from both the RBWH and LCCH attend the regional clinics.

Six monthly clinics are held at:

  • Gold Coast Hospital
  • Toowoomba General Hospital
  • Nambour General Hospital

Yearly clinics are held at:

  • Cairns Base Hospital
  • Townsville Hospital
  • Rockhampton Base Hosptial (LCCH team only)
  • Mackay Base Hospital (LCCH team only)

To be booked into a regional clinic:

  • Adults - please contact the nursing staff of the RBWH centre
  • Child and Adolescents - please contact the Haematology Administration Officer on 07 3068 2389 or email (email is the preferred contact method).

Child and Adolescent Telehealth Clinics

The Paediatric Centre also holds monthly telehealth clinics to the majority of regional hospitals. This is where an appointment is made at your nearest regional hospital to attend a video conference with the LCCH Haemophilia team who will be based in Brisbane.

For enquires about telehealth bookings please email

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Last updated: 24 June 2015