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Media, Queensland Haemophilia Centre

The Queensland Haemophilia Centre in conjunction with the Haemophilia Foundation Australia has recently produced a series of videos.

The first part of the series is a 30-second public service announcement that can be viewed below.

A 10-minute and 30 minute educational video about Inherited Bleeding Disorders has also been produced and the HFA can be contacted if you are interested in viewing one of these videos.

Picture from the video

Television Commercial

Commercial 141kb  Windows Media Format (asf) 176 X 144px. 
Commercial 386kb  Windows Media Format (asf) 240 X 176px.
Textual transcript of television commercial

With thanks to the Haemophilia Foundation Australia, the video may not be reproduced without the agreement of the Haemophilia Foundation Australia.

Last updated: 23 March 2010