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Healthier. Happier.

Find your happy healthy

This campaign is designed to inform Queenslanders that small changes to being healthy is achievable, and that it can be happy!

End your unhealthy relationships

The End your unhealthy relationships campaign is designed to make younger Queenslanders aware that even though they are a healthy weight, their unhealthy behaviours put them at risk of being overweight or obese in the future.

Kilojoules on the menu

Many takeaway chains in Queensland must now display the energy content of their menu items. This campaign is designed to improve awareness and understanding of personal energy requirements, and encourage consumers to use kilojoule menu labelling to make healthier choices.

Food safe in seconds

Food poisoning can make you seriously ill and, in some cases, can be fatal. Knowing and practising simple and correct food safety habits can prevent the spread of bacteria and keep you and anyone you cook for safe from food poisoning.

Fruit and veg

The Healthier. Happier. fruit and vegetable  campaign is designed to promote the health benefits associated with increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.

Straight Answers

The Healthier. Happier. Straight Answers campaign is aimed at providing people with simple, straightforward answers to the often conflicting and confusing information about exercise, nutrition and weight.

Last updated: 10 January 2019