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Taking FebFast further

Queensland Health is encouraging people undertaking short term health challenges to think about their futures by permanently cutting down – or quitting – unhealthy habits.

Senior Director of the Preventive Health Unit, Kaye Pulsford praised initiatives such as FebFast, the 28-day health challenge, which encourage people to take a break from existing unhealthy habits while also raising money for good causes.

"FebFast is a fantastic way for people to give their bodies a break for a month, whether from alcohol, smoking, sugar, fat processed food or social media overload," Ms Pulsford said.

"But while many people report feeling much healthier after just 28 days away from their vices it’s all too easy to fall back into the same routine when March comes around.

"I encourage people to think about re-evaluating their habits over the long term, and to consider the overall benefits they would gain by cutting down or stopping altogether."

Ms Pulsford said it has become a great tradition to commit to changing an unhealthy habit over the shortest month of the year.

"People often declare that they are going to overhaul their life by making extreme changes.

"But deciding to change your lifestyle habits to achieve better health doesn’t need to be daunting or a complete life overhaul.

"One of the biggest mistakes people make is giving up after a slip-up because they are finding the challenge too difficult.

"It’s better to make small changes every day. Over time, these will become regular healthy habits which could have a huge impact into the future.

You could aim to add an extra vegetable at dinner, have fruit if hungry between meals, and cut back on sugary drinks and alcohol.

"Even if you didn’t sign up for FebFast, it’s still early in the year and an ideal time to start planning and making small changes in your lifestyle."

Visit tips and for extra help in making positive lifestyle changes, or call the free and confidential Get Healthy Service (13 43 25 84). 

Visit tp find out more and take part in a Febfast challenge.

Last updated: 11 February 2015