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Measles alert for Brisbane and surrounds

Queensland Health has been notified of a person with measles who travelled on an international flight to Brisbane while infectious.

Passengers who arrived in Brisbane on Emirates flight EK 430 from Dubai on 26 February are urged to be alert for signs of the infectious disease.

Queensland Health is contacting the passengers of this flight, but also urging people who were at Brisbane International Airport on the night of 26 February to seek medical advice if they develop symptoms.

Further to this, any visitors or guests of the Brisbane Marriott Hotel between 26 and 27 February should be alert for symptoms.

The initial symptoms of measles include fever, lethargy, runny nose, moist cough, and sore and red eyes.

This is followed a few days later by a blotchy, red rash which often starts on the face and then becomes widespread over the body.

Measles can be a serious illness with complications including pneumonia and encephalitis which can be fatal.

The symptoms usually start around 10 days after contact with the infectious person, but is known to occur between seven and 18 days after contact.  

This is an important reminder to people who were on this flight and are uncertain of their immunity to measles, to be alert for symptoms and present to your GP early if you become unwell.

It is very important to call the medical practice first if you think you might have measles, so that staff can take precautions to avoid the spread to others.

Queensland Health recommends anyone born during or since 1966, who has not had two documented doses of measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine or had proven measles, should visit their local family doctor to get vaccinated for measles. The vaccine is free for anyone who requires it.

Measles is one of the most infectious of all communicable diseases and is spread by tiny droplets formed through coughing and sneezing whilst unwell and infectious.

Anyone thinking of travelling overseas should ensure their vaccinations are up to date.

For more information on the measles virus visit the Queensland Health website or speak to a registered nurse at 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) any time, any day.


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Last updated: 8 March 2019