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New podcast deep-dives into body parts

Queensland Health’s new podcast, My Amazing Body, is now streaming.

‘My Amazing Body’ explores interesting, unknown and misunderstood parts of your body, featuring interviews with medical experts and stories from real Queenslanders.

Executive Director of Strategic Communications, Robert Hoge said Queensland Health is taking advantage of a growing medium to get Queenslanders excited about their bodies.

“People are craving information that helps them learn more about their health, but they want it from a trusted source,” Mr Hoge said.

“In an era of fake science, cancer cons and anti-vaxxer nuttery – Queensland Health wants to be a shining light of smart, trusted, engaging content.

“The content on our social channels, blog and EDM is viewed around 11 million times a month.

“We think people will love these stories and the experts telling them.

“It may not be true-crime; but we guarantee some true grime.”

Queensland Health Media Manager and podcast host, Elise Meakin said each episode will focus on a different body part and run for around 20 minutes.

“We talk to specialists from our health services about fascinating things, like why it hurts so much when you hit your funny bone, and what role the ovaries can play in a woman’s mental wellbeing,” Ms Meakin said.

“We know that people want snackable information presented in an interesting way which is why we’ve created short, engaging episodes that will teach audiences something new, get them excited about the body and give them a few laughs along the way.

“Through the podcast, we want to teach Queenslanders about the inner workings of the body in a bid to help them better prioritise their health.

“Is the hype around gut health fact or fiction? Are we really more bug than human? Can a simple photograph help save your child’s sight? These are just some of the health questions we tackle throughout this season.

“I guarantee listeners will learn something new and mind-blowing.

“The podcast is also a great way to hear directly from clinical experts, who have leant us their voices to boost the community’s knowledge of their fields.

“Adding a podcast to our already successful group of digital channels is very exciting, and is another way to help Queenslanders improve their health and wellbeing.”

The first season of My Amazing Body will comprise 13 episodes, with the first two launching today, followed by fortnightly episodes until mid-September.

Listen to the podcast on the Queensland Health website or subscribe using your favourite podcast app.

Watch to the podcast trailer on the Queensland Health Facebook page.


Media contact:               3708 5376

Last updated: 3 May 2019