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Committees and Meetings

Committees and Meetings

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  • Medical and Dental

    MonthDate Agenda Closes SoCP Expiry*
    January 2023 17-Jan-23 03-Jan-23 07-Mar-23
    February 2023 21-Feb-23 07-Feb-23 04-Apr-23
    March 2023 21-Mar-23 07-Mar-23 02-May-23
    April 2023 18-Apr-23 04-Apr-23 06-Jun-23
    May 2023 16-May-23 02-May-23 04-Jul-23
    June 2023 20-Jun-23 06-Jun-23 01-Aug-23
    July 2023 18-Jul-23 04-Jul-23 05-Sep-23
    August 2023 5-Aug-23 01-Aug-23 03-Oct-23
    September 2023 19-Sep-23 05-Sep-23 07-Nov-23
    October 2023 17-Oct-23 03-Oct-23 05-Dec-23
    November 2023 21-Nov-23 07-Nov-23 02-Jan-24
    December 2023 19-Dec-23 05-Dec-23 06-Feb-24

    *Applications are due 2 months prior to current SoCP expiring. SoCP expiring after this date are considered late applications.

    Nurse Practitioner and Endorsed Midwives

    Meeting Dates 2023

    MonthDate Agenda Closes
    January 2023 11-Jan-23 28-Dec-22
    February 2023 08-Feb-23 25-Jan-23
    March 2023 08-Mar-23 22-Feb-23
    April 2023 12-Apr-23 29-Mar-23
    May 2023 10-May-23 28-Apr-23
    June 2023 09-Jun-23 24-May-23
    July 2023 12-Jul-23 28-Jun-23
    August 2023 09-Aug-23 28-Jul-23
    September 2023 13-Sep-23 30-Aug-23
    October 2023 11-Oct-23 27-Sep-23
    November 2023 08-Nov-23 25-Oct-23
    December 2023 13-Dec-23 29-Nov-23

    For further information, contact the Office of Rural and Remote Health - Clinical Support Unit:
    Ph: 07 4236 3037 | 07 4236 3034

  • 2023 Meeting Dates

    DatesMeeting Date
    January 2023 24-Jan-23
    February 2023 28-Feb-23
    March 2023 28-Mar-23
    April 2023 25-Apr-23
    May 2023 25-Apr-23
    June 2023 27-Jun-23
    July 2023 25-Jul-23
    August 2023 22-Aug-23
    September 2023 26-Sep-23
    October 2023 24-Oct-23
    November 2023 28-Nov-23
    December 2023 26-Dec-23

    2022 Meeting Dates and Minutes

    DatesRRCONG Minutes
    22 November 2022  
    27 December 2022  

    The RRCSU convenes the monthly Rural and Remote Credentialing Officers Network Group (RRCONG).  The purpose of this group is to provide regular updates and information sharing between RRCSU and the team members responsible for credentialing and SoCP in the four (4) rural and remote HHSs - Torres and Cape, Central West, North West and South West


If you have any questions or queries, please contact the ORRH team

(07) 4226 3000

Email our team