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Clandestine laboratory remediation

Clandestine, or illicit drug laboratories, are places where illegal drugs such as methylamphetamine are manufactured. During the manufacturing process, harmful residual contaminants in the form of solids, liquids and gases are produced. These substances can be absorbed into a building's walls, ceilings, fixtures and furnishings.

The Australian Government's Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines provide a detailed framework for the remediation of potentially contaminated sites used in the operation of clandestine drug laboratories.

The Clandestine Laboratory Group offers a swab testing service to help with clandestine drug laboratory remediation.

Sampling kits

Testing your property for methylamphetamine residues is easy with our sampling kits. The kit includes:

  • comprehensive collection instructions
  • sample submission form
  • swabbing template
  • gloves
  • sample vial and label
  • one swab.

How many kits will I need?

Each kit contains everything you need to collect one sample. The clandestine laboratory remediation guidelines recommend that at least five samples be taken inside a building. Any room or area that could be inhabited by a child under 16 years should also be sampled at least once. Clandestine laboratories can vary widely, for advice about how many kits you may need contact the Client Services and Liaison Unit.

How much do kits cost?

Contact the Client Services and Liaison Unit for pricing.

Where can I get the kits?

The sampling kits can be collected from our facility at Coopers Plains or we can mail them to you for an additional fee.

If you would like to purchase a sampling kit, contact the Client Services and Liaison Unit.

What do I do with the kits after I have collected the samples?

Once you have collected the samples and completed the sample submission forms, simply send the kits to us for analysis.

Each sample will be analysed individually. A certificate of analysis will generally be issued within two weeks of receipt of the samples.

Why choose us?

Our laboratory is a NATA-accredited facility and we’re experts at performing quantitative chemical analysis of swab samples to test for the presence of methylamphetamine. You can trust our results.

Need more information?

1800 000 377 (Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm)
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Location 39 Kessels Road, Coopers Plains Qld 4108

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Last updated: 27 February 2023