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Notifying a Legionella detection

All prescribed facilities are required to notify the Department of Health if the result of a prescribed test confirms the presence of Legionella in water used by the facility. 

The person in charge (PIC) of the facility must notify the department within 1 business day after they are notified of the results, by: 

This form enables notification of either single or multiple Legionella detection's. The information required by the form is specific and guidance is provided for each field. An example of a completed form is provided below.

Sample image of legionella detection notification form

What to do if the statutory timeframe for the notifying the department is not met?

If the 1 business day time frame is not met, the person in charge should provide an explanation at the time of submission of the late notification/s, or as soon as possible thereafter, detailing the circumstances that led to this notification timeframe requirement not being met. The response should also include details on:

  • the patient exposure response and when it was carried out; and
  • what actions have been implemented to ensure future compliance to the statutory timeframe.

Private residential aged care facilities are not yet required to submit Legionella notifications to the Department of Health.

Last updated: 12 November 2018