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Midstream urine test

Your doctor has requested that you have a test on a midstream urine sample.

A midstream urine sample provides a better specimen for analysis than first urine passed. While collecting the sample, it is important not to contaminate it or the container.

Collecting your sample

Before you start, you should have been provided with a sterile container for the collection of the urine. If the container is broken or if you have accidentally touched the inside surface, please ask for a new container.

  1. Label the container with your full name, date of birth and the date and time of collection.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly before collecting the sample.
  3. If you have been given a micro-urine preparation kit, clean your genital area thoroughly before collecting the urine sample.
  4. Collect a midstream urine sample only. Firstly, pass a small amount of urine into the toilet and then start collecting your urine into the container—do not touch the inside of the container. You do not have to fill the container to the brim.
  5. After collecting the sample, finish passing the urine into the toilet.
  6. Firmly screw down the lid of the container and place it into the biohazard bag for return to the laboratory.
  7. If you cannot deliver your sample to a collection centre within an hour of collection, please refrigerate the sample—do not freeze it.

Contact your preferred collection centre or your referring doctor if you have any questions about collecting a midstream urine sample.

Need more information?

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QIS document number: 22024

Last updated: 12 December 2020