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Applying for research governance approval

Research governance refers to the processes used by institutions to ensure that they are accountable for the research conducted under their auspices. After obtaining ethics approval, research governance approval must be obtained by submitting a site-specific assessment (SSA) application to all sites where research will be conducted.

Research Governance Office

The Research Governance Office performs the following governance functions:

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  • To conduct research at Pathology Queensland, you must submit a site-specific assessment (SSA) application in Ethical Review Manager (ERM).

    The site-specific assessment considers the following:

    • Adequate resources (financial, human, equipment and infrastructure) for the research to proceed at the site and identified as appropriate, accountable and available.
    • The suitability of a site at which the research will be conducted is assessed to identify whether the ‘actual’ and/or ‘in-kind’ resources required for the conduct and completion of the project can be met. The ‘actual’ and ‘in-kind’ costs for the research project have to be documented in the Budget section of the SSA.
    • Researchers have the necessary expertise and experience; if not, relevant training is planned before carrying out their role in the research study.
    • Compliance with relevant laws, policies and codes of conduct relating to matters such as privacy, confidentiality, consent, bio-safety, professional standards, and radiation safety.

    The Research Governance Office (RGO) reviews the SSA and makes a recommendation to Health Support Queensland's chief executive or delegate as to whether a research project should be authorised at that site. If authorised, a site authorisation letter will be issued to the applicant and only then can research commence.

  • The following documentation may be required when submitting an SSA application to the Pathology Queensland research governance office:

    • HREA or HREC approved research protocol
    • HREC approval letter
    • study budget and funding approval
    • research agreement
    • research application OR application for services
    • quote for services
    • laboratory declaration
    • Public Health Act (PHA) approval OR Data Custodian approval

    Find out more information about SSA documentation in Obtaining research governance approval at Pathology Queensland (DOC, 252.0 KB).

  • To conduct research at Pathology Queensland, you have to submit an SSA application in Ethical Review Manager (ERM) to obtain site authorisation before research can commence.

    Step 1: Obtain required and supporting documents

    Before submission of an SSA application, you must upload the relevant documents.

    Step 2: Complete and submit the SSA application in ERM

    If the HREA was created in Queensland, Victoria or Mater Health using ERM, the SSA can be created from the HREA. If the ethics application was created in another jurisdiction, you will first have to create a minimal dataset form (MDF) in ERM and then create an SSA from the MDF.

    Need more information?

    Refer to Obtaining research governance approval at Pathology Queensland (DOC, 252.0 KB)

Last updated: 20 July 2021