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QPHS participant information

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Information for survey participants

What are the preventive health telephone surveys?

The Queensland preventive health telephone surveys (QPHS) ask Queenslanders about their health and lifestyle. The adult survey asks about things like obesity, smoking, physical activity and quality of life. The child survey asks about things like obesity, nutrition and sun exposure.

How are they used?

Results are used by government and non-government organisations to improve the health of Queenslanders and make informed decisions about health policies and services.

Who runs them?

The Queensland Government Department of Health runs the survey and the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office (QGSO) does the telephone interviewing.

When does it happen?

Each year, there is an adult and child survey (parents complete the interview about their child’s health). Adults will be contacted from October 2023 to March 2024. Families with children will be contacted from October to November 2023.

Do I have to participate?

Participation is confidential and voluntary. Participants may refuse to answer particular questions.

Why does it matter where I live?

Surveys are used to assess health needs in local government areas, Hospital and Health Services, and Primary Health Networks. You may be asked for information about where you live to make sure the results for your area are accurate.

How did you get my telephone number?

QGSO randomly selects people or households from databases which are either publicly available or maintained for official statistical purposes under the authority of the Statistical Returns Act 1896.

How is my information kept safe?

Survey responses are strictly confidential and will be collected under the Statistical Returns Act 1896, which does not allow the unauthorised release of information that identifies you.

Where can I find more information?

Results are available in The Health of Queenslanders: Report of the Chief Health Officer Queensland and through the Queensland survey analytic system, an online system of interactive graphs and results.

The Queensland Government Statistician’s Office can provide more information about survey participation, or you can speak to someone on 1800 068 587 (toll-free).

For more information about what the QPHS from Queensland Health can provide, you can email

Information for QPHS sub-study participants

What is a QPHS sub-study?

Special topic sub-studies are periodically included in the main QPHS. Participants who are eligible for these sub-studies are given additional information at the end of the QPHS interview. They are then asked if they consent to participate in the sub-study.

Taking part in a QPHS sub-study is voluntary and you may withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawal does not affect your treatment or care at Queensland Health facilities.

Please see the Information for sub-study participants (PDF 757 kB) fact sheet for more detailed information about QPHS sub-studies.

How do I withdraw my consent to data linkage in a QPHS sub-study?

Sub-studies may ask for additional uses of your QPHS information and are often ongoing. If you are involved in a sub-study, the current ongoing use is linking your QPHS survey responses to other health data.

If you no longer want to participate, you can withdraw your consent using a secure webform.

The webform contains more information about withdrawing from QPHS sub-studies. It also asks for your full name, date of birth and current address, which are required to locate and remove your record. Only the Queensland Health data linkage team will have access to the information you provide through this webform.

You can also contact a QPHS investigator to discuss alternative options by email at

Last updated: 29 August 2023