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Rural and Remote Clinical Support Unit


The Rural and Remote Clinical Support Unit (RRCSU) provides support services to Torres and Cape, Central West, North West and South West Hospital and Health Services.

The unit supports safe and quality rural and remote health care through the production of clinical resources, training, credentialing, medical advisory support and primary health care information system services. On request, support is available for all Hospital and Health Services (HHS) with rural and remote facilities.

The Rural and Remote Clinical Support Unit was developed in response to the need to provide governance and support services to the smaller rural and remote Hospital and Health Services. Since 2012, the Unit has been hosted by the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service.

Products and services provided by the RRCSU include:

The Chronic Conditions Manual

1st Edition            

Pathways to Access Rural and Remote Orientation and Training

The Primary Clinical Care Manual

9th Edition

The focus of the CCM is to provide clinical support in the prevention, early intervention and management of chronic disease and includes:

PARROT provides training programs to support rural and remote clinicians to practice safely and effectively in the primary health care setting.  Program areas include:

The PCCM supports the expanded scope of rural and remote practice through the provision of evidence based clinical care guidelines for common and / or critical clinical conditions.  Content includes:

  • Essentials of rural and remote health
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Chronic conditions
  • Acute care in the rural and remote setting

    For more information about these programs, please visit PARROT online
  • Patient assessment and transport
  • Emergency
  • General
  • Mental health and substance misuse
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Paediatric
  • Immunisation
View or download the Chronic Conditions Manual 1st editionVisit the PARROT siteClick to view the Primary Clinical Care Manual 

All of these products are based on the principles of:

  • Involving clients/patients in their own care
  • Culturally appropriate environment enabling respectful confidential discussion
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements to practice
  • Observing the boundaries of individual and situational scope of clinical practice
  • Complying with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
  • Aligning with the National Consensus Statement on recognising and responding to clinical deterioration
  • Engaging in inter-disciplinary collaborative practice incorporating the dual notions of collaboration and delegation
Last updated: 17 August 2017