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Border Restrictions Direction (No. 56)

Last updated: 13 December 2021

Understanding this Direction

Information to help you understand what the closure of the Queensland border means to travellers and residents from 13 December 2021.

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Queensland entry pass

You must complete a Queensland entry pass to enter Queensland from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, including returning Queensland residents.

Class Exemptions:

Recovered cases of COVID-19 entering from a hotspot

The class exemption for Recovered cases of COVID-19 arriving in Queensland from a COVID-19 hotspot (PDF 152 kB) exempts people who recovered from COVID-19 from having to fulfil the COVID-19 PCR testing requirement in the Border Restrictions Direction - paragraph 4(b)(ii) - when entering Queensland from a hotspot.

Completion of hotel quarantine

The class exemption for Queensland residents and new residents who have completed hotel quarantine (PDF 325 kB) allows Queensland residents and new Queensland residents to cross from a COVID-19 hotspot by air if they have completed 14 days of quarantine in another Australian jurisdiction.

Protocols approved by the Chief Health Officer

Protocol for maritime crew—for maritime crew entering Queensland to join a vessel or sign off a vessel.

Operational protocol for freight movements entering Queensland—for freight operators entering Queensland to deliver goods.

Operational protocol for disaster management workers entering Queensland—for persons entering Queensland to perform disaster management or disaster operations activities or to respond to a public safety emergency.

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) Checklist

When facilitating crew changeovers, agents are required to follow the protocol and seek Regional Harbour Master endorsement using the MSQ checklist prior to a transfer being endorsed.

Specialist Workers

A person arriving from a COVID-19 hotspot may be considered a specialist worker required to provide emergency services or continuity of government services, infrastructure or utilities critical to Queensland.

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