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Pest management application forms, templates and fees

Substance authorities allow a person to carry out a regulated activity with a regulated substance under the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019 (MPA). You can get a substance authority by applying for it using the appropriate form and paying any relevant fees.

Pest management application forms

Substance authority fees

The Medicines and Poisons (Pest Management Activities) Regulation 2021 (Pest Management Regulation) (Part 6, Division 1) provides detail about fees payable under the MPA related to substance authorities for an individual to carry out a pest management activity with a fumigant or pesticide. Fees payable are listed in Schedule 2 of the Pest Management Regulation.

Licensing fees for substance authorities are payable for each year you hold the authority.

Any part of the term of a substance authority that is not a full year, the licensing fee payable in relation to that part of the term is the proportion of the licensing fee attributable to the number of months, rounded up to whole months, of the year that are in the term.

Fees payable

Fees payable under Queensland legislation change regularly. Importantly, you should always refer to the fee schedule in Schedule 2 of the Pest Management Regulation.

Type of licence

Amount $

Initial application for a pest management licence (Act, s 75(c))


Amendment application for a pest management licence (Act, s 78(2)(c))


Renewal application for a pest management licence (Act, s 82(2)(c))


Processing fee for an initial application for a pest management licence


Application for the replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged hard copy document evidencing a pest management licence (s 70(3)(b))


The first time an application is made for a substance authority for pest management, a processing fee of $144.01 is payable, along with the applicable yearly licence fee specified item 1 in the table.

The fee for renewal of a licence is specified in item 3. There is no requirement to pay a processing fee, provided the requirements for a renewal application are met.

How to pay fees

Approvals and licences are generally assessed, processed and determined by delegates of the chief executive who are officers within the Environmental Hazards Unit (EHU).

For guidance on what action is required from you for your particular approval or licence type, please refer to the instructions on the relevant application form.

Initial or new applications for licences are only considered valid once an application is received and the accompanying prescribed fee is paid.

Fees for new applications may be paid by credit card, cheque or money order (payable to Queensland Health). Alternative payment options (PDF 71 kB)

Fees for renewal and amendment applications may be paid using BPoint using the renewal application number.

Fees for refused or withdrawn applications

If an applicant has paid the applicable licensing fee for an application for a substance authority for pest management and the application is refused by the chief executive or withdrawn by the applicant, the chief executive must refund the applicant the licensing fee for the application.

The licensing fee is specified in item 1 in the payable fees table and does not include the processing fee specified in item 4. The processing fee will not be refunded.

Shorter term licences

If an applicant has paid a licensing fee for a particular term and an application is granted for a shorter term, a proportional refund will be given.

Surrendered licences

If the holder of a substance authority has paid a licensing fee for a particular term and the authority is surrendered before the end of the granted term, a proportional refund will be given.


For further information, contact the Environmental Hazards Unit:

To apply for a licence or general approval for hazardous poisons, submit the required application form and supporting documents to:

Last updated: 24 October 2022