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Cosmetic laser Approval to Acquire

The acquisition of radiation sources is regulated under the Radiation Safety Act 1999 to minimise the risks involved with radiation. This includes Class 4 laser equipment.

To purchase or otherwise obtain laser equipment for your cosmetic business you will need an Approval to Acquire and a licence to possess the radiation source. This process helps to ensure that the necessary safety and risk measures are in place and that the radiation sources meet generally acceptable safety requirements.

Know which form you need?

This page contains the following Cosmetic Approval to Acquire application form:

Who needs this approval?

Every time you seek to purchase or otherwise obtain a new laser device for your cosmetic business you will need to hold an Approval to Acquire the equipment before you can take overall ownership and control. Your Possession Licence will detail what cosmetic service the laser equipment can be used for.

Laser equipment is commonly acquired for cosmetic services, which include:

  • hair reduction
  • skin rejuvenation
  • capillary reduction
  • tattoo removal.

Apply for Approval to Acquire cosmetic laser equipment

Application for an Approval to Acquire a radiation apparatus (PDF 911 kB)

Use this form each time you need to purchase or otherwise obtain laser equipment.

Your application needs to include:

  • your Possession Licence number and expiry date
  • details of the laser equipment and supplier.

Approval duration

Time limited approval is granted to allow the change of ownership and transfer of control of the radiation source to occur. Approval durations generally last 1 month to allow the physical transfer to occur.


You will need to pay an application fee.

See Schedule of fees to determine the fee you will need to pay. Your form will only be considered a complete application once payment has been made.

Last updated: 4 December 2020