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Apply for radiation licences and approvals

Dispose of a radiation source

Dispose of radiation equipment or radioactive substances.

Relocate a radiation source to outside of Queensland

Apply for an Approval to Relocate a radiation source to a place outside of Queensland.

Transport a radioactive substance

Apply for a licence to transport radioactive substances by road, air, sea or rail in Queensland.

Replace a lost licence, approval or certificate

Apply to replace a licence, approval or certificate that has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

List of Radiation Health application forms

Access a complete list of radiation health licensing application forms.

Last updated: 27 March 2021

About these pages

Get the form and information you will need to complete an application for a radiation licence or approval. This includes what supporting documentation and fee payment is needed for your application.

Search for a radiation licensee or certificate holder

You can search the Public Register for the radiation licence or certificate details of an individual or corporation.

The following details are available:

  • name
  • licence/certificate number
  • type of licence/certificate
  • expiry date
  • any conditions on the licence/certificate.

Note: If a person submits a renewal application before the expiry date, they remain a licensee/certificate holder until a decision is made by the Chief Executive.