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Apply for radiation licences and approvals

Relocate a radiation source to outside of Queensland

Apply for an Approval to Relocate a radiation source to a place outside of Queensland.

Transport a radioactive substance

Apply for a licence to transport radioactive substances by road, air, sea or rail in Queensland.

Replace a lost licence, approval or certificate

Apply to replace a licence, approval or certificate that has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Fee schedule

Schedule of fees for radiation applications and copies of the public register. The fee schedule is updated annually.

Last updated: 27 March 2021

About these pages

Get the form and information you will need to complete an application for a radiation licence or approval. This includes what supporting documentation and fee payment is needed for your application.

Search for a radiation licensee or certificate holder

You can search the Public Register for the radiation licence or certificate details of an individual or corporation.

The following details are available:

  • name
  • licence/certificate number
  • type of licence/certificate
  • expiry date
  • any conditions on the licence/certificate.

Note: If a person submits a renewal application before the expiry date, they remain a licensee/certificate holder until a decision is made by the Chief Executive.