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Relocate a radiation source to outside of Queensland

Relocate a radiation source to outside of Queensland

The relocation of radiation sources is regulated under the Radiation Safety Act 1999.

Tracking the location of radiation sources is necessary to properly account for all the radiation sources in Queensland.

Know which form you need?

This page contains the following form:

Who needs this approval?

You will need an Approval to Relocate if you are a Possession Licensee and seek to permanently move your radiation equipment or radioactive substance to a place outside of Queensland.

Apply for an Approval to Relocate a radiation source to outside of Queensland

Application for an Approval to Relocate a radiation source (PDF 917 kB)

Use this form every time you seek to permanently relocate a radiation source to a place outside of Queensland; for example, you are relocating the radiation source to another state or territory, or the Commonwealth or overseas.

The Possession Licensee will need to notify Radiation Health within 7 days of the radiation source being received. Until this confirmation is received the radiation source will remain the responsibility of the Possession Licensee. Failure to provide this notice is a breach of the Radiation Safety Act 1999.

Your application needs to include:

  • your Possession Licence number and expiry date
  • details of the radiation source and where it is located
  • reason for wanting to relocate the radiation source (e.g. to use or store outside of Queensland)
  • written approval from the regulatory body in the jurisdiction the radiation source is to be moved into
  • details of the person or company who will take possession of the radiation source
  • evidence from the person receiving the radiation source that they are prepared to receive it (for radioactive substances).

Approval duration

Time limited approval is granted to allow the change of ownership and transfer of control of the radiation source to occur. Approval duration generally lasts 1-2 months to allow the physical transfer to occur.


You will need to pay an application fee.

See Schedule of fees to determine the fee you will need to pay.

Last updated: 4 December 2020