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Equipment and premises compliance tester and Radiation Safety Officer

Apply to become an equipment and premises compliance tester

Apply for an Accreditation Certificate to be allowed to assess a type of radiation source or premises for compliance with the relevant safety standard.

Issue a certificate of compliance

When a Possession Licensee needs a Certificate of Compliance and the steps to assess radiation sources and premises for compliance with relevant safety standards.

Apply to become a Radiation Safety Officer

Apply for a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate. A radiation practice can only be carried out if there is an appointed Radiation Safety Officer.

Last updated: 17 December 2020

About these pages

Get the form and information you will need to apply for:

  • an Accreditation Certificate—to check types of radiation sources and premises for compliance with the relevant radiation safety standard and issue Certificates of Compliance
  • a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Certificate—be an RSO for a type of radiation practice.

You can also learn about the assessment process required before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued for a radiation source or premises.

Why do we need RSOs?

Watch this short video where Radiation Safety Officer, James Abbott, talks about the role and benefits RSOs bring to a radiation practice.