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Apply to become a Radiation Safety Officer

Under the Radiation Safety Act 1999 a radiation practice can only be carried out if a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) has been appointed for the radiation practice. Possession Licensees need to ensure they have appointed an RSO for the radiation practice before they allow a radiation practice to be carried out (including Use Licensees operating the radiation equipment).

To become an RSO you will either need:

Who needs this certificate?

You need this certificate if you seek to perform the role of Radiation Safety Officer for a type of radiation practice.

You will need to be aware of your legislated responsibilities and have radiation knowledge and skills relevant to a particular radiation practice, including knowledge and skills in:

  • radiation and its biological effects
  • applying radiation safety and protection principles
  • measuring, monitoring and interpreting radiation measurements
  • interpreting legislation, guidelines, codes of practice and standards.

Application exemptions

Some registered practitioners may appoint themselves as the RSO for the radiation practice without applying for a certificate. This exemption only applies if the Possession Licence is issued to the registered practitioner, not in the name of a company:

  • Medical
    – Registered medical practitioners performing plain film diagnostic radiography of a person
  • Dental
    – Registered dentist performing intra-oral or extra-oral plain diagnostic radiography
    – Registered dentist performing therapeutic laser procedures
  • Chiropractic radiography
    – Registered chiropractor performing plain film diagnostic radiography of the spine, pelvis or extremities of a person
  • Veterinary
    – Registered veterinary surgeon performing plain film diagnostic radiography of an animal.

Responsibilities of a Radiation Safety Officer

Your specific responsibilities will be detailed in the Radiation Safety and Protection Plan (Plan) for the business.

As part of your responsibilities in this role you will need to:

  • identify ways to minimise radiation dose people receive from the radiation source
  • arrange staff training for the Plan (on behalf of the Possession Licensee) on:
    • radiation hazards
    • safe work practices and procedures
    • individual responsibilities
  • identify if the Radiation Safety Act 1999, the Plan and relevant safety standards are being complied with
  • review the Plan to ensure it continues to be effective—any proposed changes need to be submitted to Radiation Health for approval
  • report to the Possession Licensee:
    • non-compliance with the plan or safety standards
    • what needs to be done to ensure compliance.

You may need to use a radiation source in your role as the Radiation Safety Officer. Before you can use a radiation source you will need to hold a Use Licence for the radiation source.

Apply for a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate

Application for a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate (PDF 949 kB)

Use this form if you seek to be an RSO for a type of radiation practice.

Your application needs to include:

  • evidence of your competency to perform the role of an RSO (e.g. a statement from your employer citing your knowledge and experience)
  • evidence of your completion of a RSO legislation training course
  • certified copies of your formal qualifications or training certificate.

Certificate duration

A Radiation Safety Officer Certificate can be for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Renewal applications can be made 60 days before your certificate expires. You will be sent a reminder and renewal application form before your certificate expires.


You will need to pay a certificate fee. New applicants will also need to pay an application fee.

See Schedule of fees to determine the fee you will need to pay.

Last updated: 9 June 2022

Radiation Safety Officer training course

You must complete Radiation Safety Officer Legislation training to undertake duties as a Radiation Safety Officer.

To access the course

  1. Log into iLearn
    Or create an account
  2. Click on the course catalogue
  3. Search for ‘Radiation Safety Officer Legislation Training’

Why do we need RSOs?

Watch this short video where Radiation Safety Officer, James Abbott, talks about the role and benefits RSOs bring to a radiation practice.