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Apply to become an equipment and premises compliance tester

An Accredited Person (or Equipment and Premises Compliance Tester) assesses radiation sources or premises to determine if they comply with the relevant safety standard. They issue Certificates of Compliance to the Possession Licensee if the radiation source and premises are found to be compliant with the safety standard and provide a copy of the assessment report to Radiation Health.

Who needs this certificate?

If you seek to be certified as an Accredited Person you need to have expert skills, knowledge and experience to assess if a particular radiation source or premises complies with the relevant safety standard.

You can apply to become accredited to assess particular:

  • premises where a radiation source is used
  • premises where radioactive substances are stored
  • radiation sources.

Your Accreditation Certificate will detail the types of radiation sources or premises you are able to assess for compliance.

You may need to use the radiation source to complete your assessment report. Apply for a Use Licence to be allowed to use the radiation source to conduct the compliance test.

Apply for an Accreditation Certificate

Application for an Accreditation Certificate (PDF 937 kB)

Use this form if you seek to assess a type of radiation source or premise for compliance with the relevant safety standard.

Your application needs to include:

  • certified copies of your qualifications and training certificates for the particular radiation purpose
  • evidence of your skills competency, knowledge or experience.

Certificate duration

Accreditation Certificates can last for a term of 1, 2 or 3 years.

Renewal applications can be made 60 days before your certificate expires. You will be sent a reminder and renewal application form before your certificate expires.


You will need to pay a certificate fee. If you do not hold a current certificate you will also need to pay an application fee.

See Schedule of fees to determine the fee you will need to pay. Your form will only be considered an application once payment has been made.

Last updated: 4 December 2020