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Queensland Women's Health Strategy

The Queensland Government is committed to advancing the rights and interests of women and girls and to work to achieve gender equality in Queensland as outlined in the Queensland Women's Strategy 2022-27. The Queensland Women’s Strategy includes a commitment to addressing health inequality for women and girls through the development of a Queensland Women’s Health Strategy.


Consultation is a critical step—it is your input that will guide the development of a Queensland Women’s Health Strategy, including potential core elements and focus areas.

The consultation paper (PDF 1991 kB) supports the consultation process by setting out information that is relevant to the development of a strategy, including:

  • issues that women and girls have already raised through various reviews and consultation mechanisms
  • key statistics about health outcomes for women and girls in Queensland
  • some potential areas that the strategy could focus on.

Review the Queensland women's health strategy consultation paper in full (PDF 1991 kB), or in sections:

An easy to read version (PDF 939 kB) and a one-page summary (PDF 127 kB) of the consultation paper are also available.

Have your say

There are several ways you can contribute and have your say:

Consultation is open until 5pm, Monday 16 January 2023. In coming months, more updates on the development of a Queensland Women’s Health Strategy will be available on this website. If you have any queries, please get in touch with the team at


We know that Australian women experience different health outcomes than Australian men and are not achieving their full health potential. For example, while women have a higher life expectancy than men, they are likely to experience more years with a disability and are likely to have multiple chronic conditions. Women also make up a higher proportion of preventable hospital admissions.

There are a wide range of factors that influence these health outcomes, and there are opportunities for change that can address the barriers and challenges that affect the health of women and girls across their life span.

The development of a new Queensland women's health strategy is being led by the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services and is a signature action of the Queensland Women’s Strategy. A women’s health strategy is an opportunity to articulate the changes that can be made to help improve the health of women and girls.

Last updated: 22 November 2022