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    Find out what to do if you have COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms.

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    Queensland Health recommends parents limit access to social media for children under 14. Find out more.

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  • We are Queensland Health

    Join a team like no other. We’re over 100,000 strong, with more than 300 diverse career paths. We are a world-class healthcare system, with training and career support to take you further.

  • Your drinking

    The ‘Keep an Eye on Your Drinking’ campaign aims to increase knowledge and understanding amongst Queenslanders of the alcohol guidelines, harms of risky drinking and benefits of reducing alcohol consumption.

  • Don't be complacent

    ‘Don’t be complacent’ highlights the importance of vaccination and maintaining good hygiene behaviours. This seasonal campaign features real stories from everyday Queenslanders, who share their experiences influenza, COVID-19 and RSV.

Health system and governance

2024-25 Queensland Health Budget

The 2024-25 health budget aims to address pressure on emergency departments, improve ambulance responsiveness, reduce wait times for surgery and specialist clinics, and enhance First Nations, women’s healthcare and the health workforce.


  • 21.06.2024

    Are you pooing properly?

    While everyone’s toilet habits will differ slightly, there are some general pointers for making sure you’re doing your #BestPoo.
  • 14.06.2024

    Why you should give blood: in the words of those who have

    Have you ever thought about donating blood or plasma? In recognition of National Blood Donor Week, we’ve asked blood donors to share why they donate, and why they would encourage you to donate, too.
  • 11.06.2024

    Organ donation

    Organ donation is a complex process and in this episode, we learn about why only certain organs are a match for people in need and how blood types play a big role in matching organs to the perfect recipients.

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