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Inala Indigenous Health Service - Healthy Jarjums Resources

This resource is to assist early childhood professionals implement activities and teach young children about foods that are good for their bodies. Better nutrition improves quality of life.

This resource will also contribute to embedding Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the early years curriculum by teaching children in years P-3 about healthy food from an Indigenous perspective.

Chart 1. 
I am healthy because
 Image of I am healthy because Chart 1 Chart 2.
Why is food important?
 Image of Why is food important? Chart 2 Chart 3.
Grow, glow, go
Image of Grow, glow, go Chart 3
Chart 4.
Places to get food
Image of Places to get food Chart 4 Chart 5.
The food star
Image of The food star Chart 5 Chart 6.
Images of Breakfast Chart 6
Chart 7. 
Traditional hunting
Image of Tradiitional hunting Chart 7 Chart 8.
When my family eats
Image of When my family eats Chart 8 Chart 9.
Bush tucker
Image of Bush tucker Chart 9
Chart 10.
Stay safe in the kitchen
Image of Stay safe in the kitchen Chart 10 Chart 11.
Dangers in the kitchen
Image of Dangers in the kitchen Chart 11

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Image of the Healthy Jarjums booklet
Cover page of the Healthy Jarjums booklet

Healthy Jarjums online workshop video - to support teachers and other relevant staff to use the Healthy Jarjums resource.


  • overview of the Healthy Jarjums resource
  • how Healthy Jarjums fits into the curriculum
  • how to use the lesson plans
  • additional resources
  • engaging with the local community

Length: 1 hour 17 minutes

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Last updated: 3 December 2013