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Getting started with us

Our Pathology Queensland Client Services' team and our laboratory managers are happy to assist you to get started with us.

Ordering pathology and receiving results

New Queensland Health clinicians—You will need access to our AUSCARE result portal to order and receive your pathology. AUSCARE delivers results in real-time and offers clinicians support tools such as graphical analysis, email functionality and electronic signoff. If you do not have access to AUSCARE and AUSLAB, you can request it via the Queensland Health IT support portal via QHEPS or call 1800 198 175.

If you are joining one of Queensland Health’s digital hospitals, you can order and receive pathology using the integrated electronic medical record (ieMR) solution. For more information about ieMR contact the eHealth IT Support Centre on 1800 198 175.

We can provide tailored request forms to suit your needs; to arrange contact our Client Services' team on +61 7 3646 5811 or email them at

GPs—Join more than 9000 healthcare providers in 1450 practices using GP Connect. GP Connect is a secure, automated service that provides fast, reliable access to pathology test results and referral letters from any Pathology Queensland laboratory or Health Contact Centre service state wide. There is no charge to healthcare providers or patients for this service.

Researchers or clinical trial coordinators—Visit our clinical trials and research page for information about our services or contact our Client Services' team on +61 7 3646 5811 or

Referring laboratories and commercial clients—You may be interested in our list of available tests. To access our services, please complete the application for services form (DOC, 299.5 KB).

Contacting your local laboratory

Your local laboratory manager can assist you with any enquiry you may have.

We offer a comprehensive suite of pathology tests with clinical support from expert pathologists, to ensure that you have accurate, timely and appropriate results for your patients.

Where are we?

We have laboratories strategically located at 35 major regional and metropolitan public hospitals throughout Queensland. Our service locations have tailored capability and collection facilities to suit each Hospital and Health Service and its clinical needs. Many of our laboratories offer a 24 hour, 7-day service. In addition, we support a large point-of-care device network to deliver testing to patients in remote areas.

Find a laboratory.

Why choose us?

Our goal is to be your pathology provider of choice.

Our service is supported by contemporary analysers, procedures and information technology systems across our network, and we are accredited to NATA and TGA standards and certified to ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 9001:2015.

How we support you:

  • Our onsite laboratories offer you a suite of clinically relevant tests, performed by highly skilled staff.
  • Our Central laboratory offers the most comprehensive range of highly specialised testing such as molecular genetics, cytogenetics, tissue typing and organ donor matching, and newborn screening.
  • Our pathologists offer specialised advice to assist you in interpreting results.
  • We deliver consistency in results across the state, irrespective of where the test is performed.
  • We partner with you to optimise your research and clinical trial activities.
  • We actively participate in your anatomical pathology multi-disciplinary team meetings and case discussions.
  • We offer expert advice to help you to select and manage your point-of-care devices.
  • We help you minimise wasteful pathology ordering practices.

How to engage us

You can speak to any of our laboratory managers directly. Find your local laboratory.

For general enquiries please contact our Client Services' team on +61 7 3646 5811 or email them at

Last updated: 14 September 2020