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You can find out about ordering pathology and receiving results on the Getting started with us page.

Pathology test list

Searchable list of tests available from Pathology Queensland. Also includes specimen container and tube requirements.

Request forms

Here you'll find our pathology ordering request forms.

GP Connect

More than 9000 healthcare providers in 1450 practices are now using GP Connect. GP Connect is a secure, automated service that provides fast, reliable access to pathology test results and referral letters from any Pathology Queensland laboratory or Health Contact Centre service state-wide. There is no charge to healthcare providers or patients for this service.

Cervical screening

Information about the National Cervical Screening Program at Pathology Queensland including the cervical screening request form.

Blood tube recognition: order of draw

Provides health professionals with recommended order of draw for blood collection in addition to blood tube images and volumes required.

Last updated: 5 August 2021