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Current work

Recent updates

December 2019

November 2019

October 2019

September 2019

  • Newborn hypoglycaemia - Updated guideline, supplement, education, and flowcharts following full review of evidence
  • NeoMedQ: Neonatal Medicines- Added monographs about Diazoxide, Glucagon, Glucose gel, HydrOCHLOROTHIAZIDE, Hydrocortisone, and Octreotide.
  • Neonatal Medicines - New guideline, supplement, and clinician education
  • Trauma in pregnancy - Updated guideline, supplement, education and parent information following review of evidence.

June 2019

Guidelines in development

Published Review: Termination of pregnancy
Published review: Intrapartum fetal surveillance

Review: Preterm labour and birth

Review: Venus thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis in pregnancy and the puerperium

Review: Neonatal respiratory distress and CPAP

Review: VBAC

Stages of guideline development:

  • Draft: First draft being developed with Clinical Lead
  • Consultation: Out for consultation with the Working Party and/or statewide clinicians and consumers
  • Endorsement: Progressing through the endorsement process

More about clinical guideline development

Last updated: 19 December 2019